OCDS Documentation

This page serves as an orientation to how different components of the OCDS documentation relate to each other.


The docs target serves OCDS documentation (e.g. 1.1), its profiles (e.g. Public Private Partnerships) and draft documentation (below). It also serves Elasticsearch.

Version and language switchers

The version switcher links to a /switcher URL path with a branch URL parameter. The language switcher links to a /{version}/switcher URL path with a lang URL parameter. These are redirected by Apache (you can search for /switcher in its config files).

Search engine

The search.js file in the standard_theme repository queries Elasticsearch indices.

The documentation deploy script in this repository updates Elasticsearch indices.

Continuous deployment

The repositories for OCDS documentation use continuous integration to push builds to the staging directory on the server and to update Elasticsearch indices:

  • Each branch of the standard repository is automatically built to:

  • Each branch of a profile’s repository is automatically built to:


In detail, continuous integration runs deploy-docs.sh in this repository. For this script to succeed, continuous integration must be configured to have access to the server using SSH and to Elasticsearch using basic authentication.