Bash shell

Perform a long-running task

If a task will take a long time to run, run it in a terminal multiplexer (tmux), in case you lose your connection to the server. To open a session in tmux, use this command, replacing initials-task-description with your initials and a short description of your task. By including your initials, it is easy for others to determine to whom the session belongs – especially if you forget to close it.

tmux new -s initials-task-description

If you lose your connection to the server, re-attach to your session with:

tmux attach-session -t initials-task-description

To manually detach from a session, press Ctrl-b, release both keys, then press d.

If you forget the name of your session, list all sessions with:

tmux ls


Remember to close your session when done, by pressing Ctrl-d or by running: