User Guides


Is a service unavailable or unreachable? Are web/SSH requests consistently not responding or timing out? Open a ticket in the CRM’s Internal tracker, and send a note to and with the web/SSH address that is unavailable.


Is a service producing unexpected errors and interfering with your work? Please open an issue in the relevant GitHub repository (or the deploy repository if you don’t know), following this issue template.

If urgent, contact James McKinney (Ontario) via email or Slack (contact details in CRM). If you receive an email auto-reply, use the CRM to contact:

  • Centro de Desarrollo Sostenible (Paraguay) about Kingfisher Collect and Toucan
  • Datlab (Czech Republic) about Kingfisher Process and Pelican
  • Dogsbody Technology Ltd (UK) about Redmine CRM and PostgreSQL replica
  • Open Data Services (UK) about Data Review Tool, Kingfisher Summarize and Kingfisher Colab
  • Lindsey Marchessault (Alberta) for anything else

Furthermore, if you need root access in order to address an issue in James’ absence, ask Dogsbody to grant you root access, linking to this policy.