This documentation is split into:

Development Guides

Instructions on getting set-up and making changes to the deploy repository.

Deployment Guides

Instructions for specific deployment tasks.

Maintenance Guides

Instructions for specific maintenance tasks.

User Guides

Documentation for users of our services.


Infrequently accessed reference material.


We refer to “Linode”, as it was named before becoming Akamai Connected Cloud.

Development Guides#

Follow the Get started guide before following any of the Deployment Guides. If you’re new to Salt, Learn Salt.

To make changes to the deploy repository, read the Make changes and following guides.

Deployment Guides#

If you need to perform a specific deployment task, follow the relevant how-to guide. This section focuses on deploying the changes you made in the previous section.

All changes to servers should be made using Salt to ensure that changes are documented and reproducible; changes should not be made manually, which is undocumented and error-prone.

Maintenance Guides#

This section describes how to perform tasks that don’t involve changes in Salt.

User Guides#

This section contains documentation specific to our deployment of a given service. For generic documentation of a given service that we authored, follow the Docs links on this page.


This section describes facts about our servers and deployments.