Kingfisher is a family of tools to collect, pre-process, summarize and query OCDS data.

This page is about internal use of these tools by the Open Contracting Partnership. For your personal use, see each tool’s documentation:

For internal use, Kingfisher Collect, Process and Summarize are deployed to a data support server.

The following pages describe specific tasks for each tool:

Connect to servers

One-time setup

Request access from James or Yohanna. (They will need your public SSH key to add a key-value pair under the users key in the pillar/kingfisher_main.sls file.)

Connect to the data support server, replacing USER:


In addition to the Kingfisher tools, users have access to these command-line tools:

  • jq, to query JSON data

  • ripgrep, to grep, but fast

  • flatten-tool, to unflatten data for local load

  • ocdskit, to transform data for local load

  • unrar, to unarchive data for local load