Kingfisher is a family of tools to collect, pre-process, summarize and query OCDS data.

This page is about internal use of these tools by the Open Contracting Partnership. For your personal use, see each tool’s documentation:

For internal use, Kingfisher Collect, Process and Summarize are deployed to a main server.

The following pages describe specific tasks for each tool:

Connect to servers#

One-time setup

Ask a systems administrator to add your public SSH key to the ssh.kingfisher list in the pillar/kingfisher.sls file.

The ocdskfp user owns the deployments of Kingfisher Process and Kingfisher Summarize, and can read the data and log files of Kingfisher Collect.

Connect to the main server as the ocdskfp user, to use the command-line tools of Kingfisher Process and Kingfisher Summarize:

curl --silent --connect-timeout 1 || true

This user has access to the jq, flatten-tool and ocdskit command-line tools.


The ocdskfs user owns the deployment of Kingfisher Collect. Only automated scripts and system administrators should manually delete any data and log files.