Google Workspace#


Use Google Postmaster Tools to debug deliverability issues from AWS to GMail.

These services send email from

Check DNS configuration#

  1. Google Admin Toolbox Check MX should report no problems (all green).

  2. MXToolBox Domain Health Report should report no errors (only warnings).

Check DMARC compliance#

Send an email to and check the results (all green).

Similar tools include mail-tester and Postmark’s Spam Check.

Monitor DMARC reports#’s DMARC policy sends reports to DMARC Analyzer:

dig TXT
v=DMARC1; p=none;;; fo=1;

DMARC compliance should be over 95%, and DKIM alignment should be over 90%. Failures should be 3% or less.


Mailchimp is not SPF aligned; therefore, we have no target for SPF alignment. It sends mail from,, and

When filtering per result, sending domains with volumes of less than 10 can be ignored, and SPF misalignment with can be ignored.